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Carton Edge Sealer JFX-5060

Carton Edge Sealer JFX-5060

Description of Carton Edge Sealer JFX-5060:
Carton edge sealer can be equipped into production line to seal the slots of top and bottom flaps. It is a kind of desirable packaging machine.

Parameters of Carton Edge Sealer JFX-5060:

Voltage(V/Hz) AC 220/50
Power(W) 720
Air Compressor (Mpa) 0.5~0.6
Min. Carton Size(W×H×L)(mm) 300×240×180
Max. Carton Size (W×H×L)(mm) 600×500×500
Taping Speed(m/min) 20
Adhesive Tape Used BOPP, PVC, Kraft Paper Tape
Height of Table(mm) 700-850
Width of Adhesive Tape(mm) 60 (There will be some change on min. carton size if you use the tape in width 48mm or 76mm)
Weight of Package (kg) 2.5-30
External Dimension (L×W×H)(mm) 2300×1300×1650
Net Weight(kg) 400

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