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Vacuum packaging machine is a kind of packaging machinery that puts food into packaging bags, extracts the air in them and then seals the packaging bags. In this way, the oxygen inside the packaging bags is removed and thus the food inside them will not go bad.
As a professional vacuum packaging machine manufacturer in China, Hualian Machinery Group Company can provide table-type vacuum packaging machines, single chamber packaging machines, air extractor packaging machines and other vacuum packing equipment.
Since our vacuum packaging machine can be applied to pack meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, pickles and medicines, it can be used as food packaging equipment, medicine packaging machines, tea packing machines, etc.
Our vacuum packaging machines are CE certified and have the characteristics of small size, simple structure, easy operation, reliable quality, stable performance. They are well received by our customers both at home and abroad.
Located in Wenzhou City in Zhejiang Province, we are surrounded by highways, airports and a sea port. This will help reduce your transportation cost.
Please contact us if you are in need of our vacuum packaging machinery. Your special requirements on specifications can also be satisfied.