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Induction Sealing Machine

Description of Induction Sealing Machine:
These Induction Sealing Machine are commonly suitable for PE, PET, PP, PVC, ABS, glass bottles and containers etc. (Metal bottle and metal lid are unsuitable.)

Features of Induction Sealing Machine:
1. With different types to meet different needs(output, cap diameter, etc)
2. Self-examination and protection of over-currency, over-voltage & overheat
3. High sealing speed and can be equipped to production line

Applications of Induction Sealing Machine:
Our introduction sealing machines are applied to do the sealing and capping operation of flat threaded caps, high threaded caps, high active-handled caps which are made of non-metal materials.

Specification of Induction Sealing Machine

As a professional induction sealer manufacturer in China, we can provide not only induction sealers, but also table-type vacuum packaging machines, automatic case erectors, band sealers, carton sealers, strapping machines and other packaging machinery. Their quality and technological content have reached internationally advanced level.
Due to their high quality and low price, we have received many purchasing orders from customers of many countries.
Furthermore, we are located near highways, airports and a sea port. This will help reduce your transportation cost.
Please feel free to contact us if you want to get more information about our induction sealers or other packaging equipment.