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Stretch Wrapper

Description of Stretch Wrapper
Our company has HL-2100series Pre-Stretch Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper and Online Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper for choices. And the order-made is welcome.

Features of Stretch Wrapper
1. Programmable control and frequency converter is available
2.Automatic positioning, automatic height detection of goods,
3. Auto failure alarm and auto stop, reset of turntable etc.
4. The wrapping type and times can be designed on customers’ requirements
5. A High efficiency and low electricity-consumption, convenient in operation

These Pallet Stretch Wrappers are applied to complete film wrapping on packing production line.

Parameter of Stretch Wrapper

Established in 1989, Hualian Machinery Group Company is an experienced stretch wrapper manufacturer in China. With more than 20 years of development, we now possess advanced manufacturing and inspection equipment and experienced technicians, which enables us to produce high quality CE certified pallet stretch wrappers, coding machines, automatic case erectors, band sealers, carton sealers, strapping machines, etc.
Welcome to order our packaging machines.